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Bothell Garage Doors | Belt Drive or Screw Drive Opener?

Last week we discussed some of the differences, pros, and cons of two very common styles of garage door openers.  This month, we want to take it a step further and compare what we view as the winner of the last debate with another style of opener that we view as a contender for the best style you can get.

Belt Drive vs. Screw Drive

There is an obvious difference in the way that they operate–  Belt drive uses a belt driven motor, while a screw drive uses a novel screw system that drives the door open and shut (a topic we’ve written about before).  Here are some differences:

  • Noise Level:  Screw drive wins in this category, as it tends to generate less noise.
  • Reliability:  Screw drive openers are the most reliable style of opener you can get; not to say that belt drive aren’t reliable. . .  They are, just not as reliable.
  • Speed:  Both operate very fast in relation to chain drive openers.
  • Security:  They’re both very secure options.

As we’ve mentioned, we view the screw drive opener as the ultimate option, and now hopefully you can better understand a few of the differences.

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