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Bothell Garage Doors | Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

Have you been vying for an addition to your home? Garages can be transformed into virtually any kind of room. Aside from housing your cars and excess stuff that you don’t want in the house, garages are great spaces for workshops, offices, or even playrooms. Whatever you decide you want that extra room to be, you can accomplish the change with some furnishings, perhaps a rug or two, and good insulation for your garage door.

Insulating your garage door is essential if you want to make the garage a habitable place. Hot and cold weather, wind, sleet and rain, are no match for a good weather-strip seal on a garage door. Perhaps you live in New York, and you’ve been dying to transform your garage into your personal art studio; this dream can come to fruition, but it will only be successful if you prepare your garage for the snowy, wet winters and scalding, humid summers. No one wants to be painting a watercolor masterpiece the likes of Monet would approve of in a damp, hundred-degree garage.

Likewise, you don’t want your kids playing with toys in a room that’s almost cold enough to see your breath. Even if you utilize your garage like the majority of Americans to house your miscellaneous belongings and perhaps a vehicle, insulation is still a good idea to maintain the temperature of the main house.

The list of examples goes on, but the fact remains the same that if you want to turn your garage into a livable, enjoyable room, you must insulate. There is also the option of adding an air conditioning and heating system for a truly top tier garage transformation. No matter what you decide to do with your garage space, it’s a good idea to replace that weathered weather-strip with a new one, pronto!

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