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Bothell Garage Doors | Why We Offer Same Day Repairs

Bothell Garage Doors doesn’t believe in making you wait to have your garage door fixed. We’ve been in your shoes when your garage door stops working suddenly and you panic thinking you will have to wait forever to get it fixed. This can cause extreme amounts of stress. That is why we always offer same day services and repairs for all garage door issues. You can literally call us at 3am with a garage door emergency and we will send a technician to you, and even better than having someone available at all times is that we won’t even charge you more for this service.

We don’t believe you should have to wait, so if you find yourself in a position of needing garage door assistance, please give us a call!

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Bothell Garage Doors is a brand you can stand with, as we stand with all of our garage door repairs with our guarantee.

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